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How to Use the Microsoft Word Tool Word Art

Word Art is a great tool that comes with Microsoft Word and other similar word programs that lets its uses be able to design different types of text with different themes, fonts and colors. It really can come in handy if a person wants to design logos for fliers, documents and even T-Shirts. There are also a variety of different effects a person can pick from like rainbow colored text, text that is wavy, text with shadowing and so on. It can be quite a handy tool if you know how to use it properly.

You will need to have at least Microsoft Word 2007 version or above and then open up Word and open up a new word document. Once you have done that you will need to go to the Insert tab and then click on “Word Art”. Once you have done that pick a theme or a pattern which fits the design that you are most interested in.

Once you have done that you will want to pick a type of font and the size that you want to use. You will do this by clicking on the Edit Word Art Text window and if you want click on the “B” button for bold to bold the text or “I” to use italics. Next enter the your words in the Text field and click on OK.

You can then use the handlers for you to re-size and/or reposition the text within the document. Just right click on the Word Art and pick “Format Word Art”. You can then change the fill color and the stroke by going to Colors and Lines tab. The height and width along with the rotation and scale of the words can also be adjusted in the Size tab that is available. The program also allows you to pick a layout wanted and the alignment with other text that might already be in the document. The options that can be used for alignment within the document are in line with text, tight, behind text, square or in front of text.

This tool can be used to enhance a variety of documents, presentations, invitations, greeting cards and much more. It just takes a little bit of imagination and an idea and you will be on your way to making fun and interesting creations with Word Art.

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