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Tips for Finding Copyright Free Images

If you are designing and building your own website you are going to want to more than likely add some images to the site to make it more attractive and interesting. You will more than likely not want to pay anything for these images, especially if you are just starting out. This means you will need to know how to find copyright free images. These are images that the creator or photographer of them has specifically designated them as free to use by anyone for both personal and professional use. The creator or photographer of course still owns the copyright and they are only granting others permission to use their images. This means you can use them on your website but you cannot sell them as your own images but they can be included in your own work as long as you give the creator or photographer credit. There are several different places online where you can find images you can include with your own work.

The first thing you want to do when searching for copyright free images is to go online and start searching for sites that have large databases of copyright free images. Places such are Open Photo, Morguefile, Free Range Stock and the Stock.xchng are good places to start.

Most of these sites are going to require that you sign up with them and become a member in order for you to be able to search and access any of the images they might have to offer. Most of them are usually offer free services, but, make sure that you read their usage rights very carefully before you sign up with them. There are some sites out there that will still require you get their personal permission to use their images before you can actually use them. Usually it isn't much, they often just want you to notify the photographer or creator of the image that you are using their image on your website. Make sure to take time to create a message that you can send to them to thank them for providing the images that they have and let them know where the image will be published so they might go and check out how you used their image or images.

Once you have found the image or images that you are wanting to include in your website you will want to download the copyright free images onto your own computer. Make sure that you rename the file or files and then note the photographer or creator of the images. You are going to need this information in the future if you decide to reuse the images for other kinds of work you might do.

Once you have all your images downloaded to your computer you are going to want to add them to your own work and make sure that you follow any submission guidelines there might be about publishing them online. Make sure to give credit to the photographer or creator and the site where you got the image or images from. Unless they have told you otherwise you should mention the name of the photographer first and then the name of the site the images came from.

After you have finished including the copyright free images into your own online work make sure that you send an email out to the photographer or creator and let them know that your work has been published. Make sure to give them a link to your site or article you included the image in and then thank them again for allowing you to use it. Not only is this a very polite thing to do but it is also providing them access to both their own work and yours as well. Those who create these images love to see how their work is being used and they may even suggest that others go see what you have done and this will bring more traffic to your site. So it's a win win situation.

Note: Try to avoid using images you have found on other sites or on Google images, unless of course if there is a disclaimer that specifically states you have permission because you could end up violating copyright laws by using others work for your own gain.

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